Our infant program is designed for children 6 weeks-18 months. To assist families in the transition into our infant classrooms, our teachers strive to create an environment that is very similar to your home. The infant rooms are very bright, cheerful and include safe, age appropriate toys and equipment. Each day is full of smiles and cuddles from our trained and experienced teachers.

Each infant has a personalized schedule designed by the parents and updated regularly including meals and sleep schedules.

All age groups at Storybook follow a theme based curriculum. Each week provides a new and exciting theme. Each theme contains a specific letter, number, shape and color which becomes the focus of that week. Through the seven key developmental goals (literacy & communication, social emotional development, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, science & technology, math and creative arts) the infants are able to engage in open ended activities such as sensory play which helps them to practice fine motor skills; beginning math skills by building with blocks; singing songs and reading stories to demonstrate conversation and introduce vocabulary; the infants are also working on their large motor skill each and everyday such as sitting up on their own, learning to crawl and pulling themselves up and eventually walking.

Our program is designed to give you the feeling that your child is in a safe, loving environment and our teachers are dedicated to create a partnership with our families in an effort for all children to feel at home.