Greece Center

Our Greece Center is located at 1924 Maiden Lane in the Greece United Methodist Church. 

This Center is very inviting with it's brightly painted classrooms, large fenced outdoor play-yard as well as a wonderful indoor play area.  The entrance is equipped with a security system to ensure the safety of our children.

The on-site licensed kitchen enables us to provide breakfast, lunch and snack for our students. Storybook’s menu is approved by the New York State Department of Health and adheres to standards set forth by CACFP (Child and Adult Care Food Program) to assure healthy meals for your children.  We also partner with the American Heart Association/Healthy Way to Grow, to ensure best healthy practices for teachers and students.

We invite you to come take a tour to get a feel for the facility and staff.

To set up a tour please call our center Director, Kellie Pattist at 585-225-8280 or email



1924 Maiden Lane
Rochester, NY 14626

585.225.8280 (phone)

585.363.5900 (fax)

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Greece Staff

Ms. Kellie.JPG

Kellie Pattist

Greece Center Director

Kellie became the Director of Storybook’s Greece location in August 2016. This is her first director position and she has done an amazing job. Kellie believes the best part of childcare is watching the children grow and seeing their smiles when they're engaged in play. Kellie earned a bachelors degree from SUNY Fredonia in Early Childhood and Child Education, and she earned an associates degree in Human Services from MCC. She was a Toddler Teacher for three years before working at Storybook. In her free time she enjoys going to the gym, watching hockey and football, and spending time with her friends and family.

Ms. Staryl.JPG

Staryl Speer

Assistant Director

Staryl began working at Storybook in September 2017 as a lead toddler teacher. She was quickly promoted to assistant director one month later. Star has been working in childcare for 5 years as both a teacher and director. She earned a preschool CDA in 2015. She is currently enrolled at Penn Foster College working towards an Associates degree in Early Childhood Education. Her favorite part of working with children is seeing their little faces light up when they understand what she has taught them.

In her spare time, Staryl likes to garden and spend time with her two children and wonderful husband. She enjoys traveling to the Adirondacks in the fall to watch the leaves change. Each week, Star looks forward to visiting with her mother and sister on Sunday.

Ms. Anna.JPG

Anna Boyuk

Lead Infant-1 Teacher

It has been a great pleasure working at Storybook Child Care. I have established so many positive relationships with my children and their parents as well as the staff that I work with. I have my Associates Degree in Child Care and Early Education. My degree in education allows me to further the infants learning experiences by coming up with creative techniques to promote their growth.

While in the classroom I enjoy reading to the children, making them laugh and helping them reach their milestones. I also love to get creative when it comes to art projects and sensory play in the classroom.

Outside of the classroom I love to read, listen to music, hang out with my friends and go on adventures. I enjoy going camping with my family in the summer and attend church events in my free time.

Directors Note: Miss Anna was promoted from Waddler Teacher Assistant to Lead Infant Teacher. She has done a great job at establishing special bonds with each one of her children and their families. Coming from a large family background, she has a lot of experience providing care and nurture to the infants. Her classroom is full of creative art projects she does with the children and fun sensory activities. The children love going on buggy rides outside and snuggling with Miss Anna.

Ms. Sindy.JPG

Sindy Lau

Lead Toddler Teacher (18-24 months)

Sindy has worked for Storybook Child Care since 2009. She has a college degree in childhood education and over thirty years experience working with children. Sindy finds helping children and watching them grow very rewarding. She enjoys each one of their smiles and their open honesty. Outside of work, Sindy enjoys shopping and dining out. She likes to try foods that she can’t prepare for herself.

Directors Note: Sindy brings great classroom management skills to the toddler room. Her room is very clean, safe, and a friendly learning environment. She teaches her children many educational aspects throughout the day.

Ms. Pamela.JPG

Pamela Leaird

Lead Toddler Teacher (24-36 months)

Pam has been working for Storybook Child Care since 1985. She has her high school diploma and has taken several childhood development classes. Pam really enjoys watching as children grow and learn new things. She feels important when she sees children accomplish something they once couldn’t do. Pam knows she’s impacting children’s lives when they arrive in the morning with a big hug for her! Outside of work, Pam enjoys watching and attending Buffalo Bills games. She also loves shopping, spending time with her friends and family, and making holiday arts and crafts.

Directors Note: Pam is an excellent toddler teacher. She is very loving, caring, and patient towards each and every one of her children. Pam goes above and beyond to make each parent and child happy on a daily basis. She does a great job at planning curriculum, keeping her room clean, and keeping a smile on her face everyday.

Ms. Kristine.JPG

Kristine Wilson

Lead Pre-K (3's) Teacher

Kristine is our Preschool lead who has been working at our Storybook since July 2017.  Kristine has her CDA in Infant/Toddler care and has been working with children for four years now.  Before childcare, Kristine was working in a different field for 15 years. In her free time Kristine enjoys traveling with her family.

Director's Note: Kristine has done an amazing job in her classroom, putting the environment together for her three-year-old friends.  Kristine is very organized and respectful towards her parents.  Her children enjoy engaging in the fun art projects she puts together for them. We are so happy to have Kristine as part of our team here at Storybook.

Ms. Melissa.JPG

Melissa "Missy" Michelsen

Pre K (Fours) Lead Teacher

Melissa is our Pre-K lead who joined Storybook in August 2017. She has her CDA in Infant/Toddler care and her associates in early childhood education. Melissa has been working with children for 20 years. She is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. In her free time, Melissa enjoys day trips with her family, going to the casino and reading Harry Potter books. 

Director's Note: Melissa has done an amazing job in the Pre-K classroom. She brings great classroom management skills along with great teaching techniques to her room. Her kids absolutely adore her. Melissa is always willing to help whenever and wherever needed! We are so glad to have Melissa as part of our team.

Ms. Skye.JPG

skye caster

Float/Assistant Teacher

Skye has always wanted to work with children since she was younger.  She received my first babysitting certificate when I was 13 years old and always enjoyed babysitting children.  As time passed Skye applied to a daycare and loved working there.  She enjoys watching children grow and learn something new everyday.  The excitement on their face when they learn something new is the best.  Down the road she would like to enroll in the CDA Program and obtain a CDA. In her free time she likes to spend time with her son and his father.  They love to go camping and fishing!  Family is also very important to Skye, they try to do something every weekend together.  She also enjoy going to concerts and hiking.

 Directors Note: Skye is a great asset to Storybook, she is very flexible working in all classrooms and enjoying each age group that she works with.  She is willing to go out of her way and help out wherever she is needed at the center.  We enjoy having Skye at Storybook Child Care!

Ms. Susan.JPG

Susan Drago

Float/Assistant Teacher

Sue has worked as a float for Storybook since 2015. Before Storybook, she was a cafeteria assistant in the Monroe County school district for over fifteen years. Sue loves how much excitement children have while learning new things. Outside of work Sue enjoys going to NYC to visit her family.

Directors Note: Sue is the most flexible person I know. She easily adjusts to any classroom and brings a cheerfulness with her. She does an excellent job at comforting children, and is always eager to read a book or put puzzles together, no matter how many times the children ask.

Ms. Jennifer .JPG

Jennifer Guadieri

Float/Assistant Teacher

Ms. Jen floats around the center, helping out wherever she can.  She enjoys working in all age groups with the children here at the center.  Ms. Jen has a child of her own and a background in the medical field before child care.  In her free time she enjoys spending time with her son and being outside.  

Directors Note: Ms. Jen is very helpful around the center, we appreciate all her hard work.  We love having her as part of our team here at Storybook

Ms. Cathy .JPG

Cathy Hull

Infant Assistant Teacher/Float

Ms. Cathy works in our Infant Room here at Storybook Child Care.  She enjoys snuggling the babies and reading books to them.  Ms. Cathy comes from a background in child care and has children of her own.  In her free time she enjoys camping, hiking and spending time with her family.

Directors Note: Ms. Cathy is such a sweet individual, always willing to help out whenever needed and takes such good care of the babies.  We love having her as part of our team here at Storybook Child Care

Ms. Maryann.JPG

Maryann Maloney

Preschool Assistant Teacher

Ms. Maryann is an assistant in our Preschool Room here at Storybook Child Care. She has her CDA in Early Childhood Education and has been working in childcare for over 15 years. She enjoys teaching children about their feelings and how to cope with them. In her free time Ms. Maryann enjoys reading books, sowing and watching T.V.

Directors Note: Maryann is a great help working with our three year friends. We appreciate her care and nurture towards the children.

Ms. Michele.JPG

Michele Crider

Pre-K Assistant Teacher

Ms. Michele is our Pre-K assistant here at Storybook Child Care. Michele has worked at all Storybook locations, floating around being a big help to all centers. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, arts and crafts, and camping up at the 1000 Islands.

Directors Note: Michele is a great help floating around and being an asset to all centers. We appreciate all her hard work.

Ms. Carrie.JPG

Carrie Baumbarger

Infant Assistant Teacher

Ms. Carrie is our Infant Assistant here at Storybook, she has four years and counting in child care. She is so sweet to our little ones, always getting them to smile and giggle. In her free time Ms. Carrie enjoys camping, hanging with her family and dog, reading and working out

Directors Note: Carrie is so sweet and kind, we are very lucky to have her on the Storybook team. The Infants adore her.